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Hairdressing Tool Tourmaline Ceramic Heating Curling Irons

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Would you like our hair curling iron you see here? Designed with professional electronic and heat technology, this hair curling iron is durable and safe for your daily use. The hair curling iron will bring you the easy ability to look like a star at the comfort of your home. It is also a perfect gift for someone special or treats for you. Unique feature provides faster heat up, easy carrying and storage. This professional curling iron can also keep your hair curler from damaging your hair quality. Just stop hesitating and order one now!This hair curling iron is a great gift for hair stylists and barbers. This hair curling iron is in good quality and attractive price. In addition, this hair curling iron has a Non-slip handle, and it looks very stylish. With this hair curling iron, you hair will looks more beautiful. You can use hair curling iron for your family or choose these in your new hair salon. The best curling iron with high quality and fine workmanship, and is durable for long time using. This will show your style. It is a wonderful gift for your friends. It will give you the feeling of everything fresh and new, also are ones of the symbol of the quality life. Get the professional curling irons now without hesitation! You really deserve to have it! Do not miss this cheap curling iron! Thus, come on and get one for you now!
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Descripción del Producto

Políticas de devolución
  • Especificaciones:

    • Material: Tourmaline Ceramic
    • Color:Negro
    • Potencia nominal: 45-65W
    • Voltaje de funcionamiento:110-240V


    • Material cerámico turmalina Profesional trae esta rizar el cabello de hierro de seguridad y alto rendimiento en la peluquería
    • Este rizador de pelo es lo suficientemente seguro como la tecnología de calor profesional
    • Less than a minute of best modelling time is very convenient for you
    • The lightweight handle of the professional curling iron is designed to provide comfort and ease while styling your hair
    • The best curling iron is a perfect gift for someone special or treats for you
    • Lightweight, you can carry the portable professional curling irons easily when travelling


    Yigao Peluquería Herramienta Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Irons Calefacción

    • This hair curling iron is the perfect hairdressing tool for you

    Rizador de pelo

    • Smooth handle and easy operation of this hair curling iron brings you much convenience

     Mejor rizador

    • 110-240V and 45-65W features are combined well with professional heat technology to guarantee high performance

     Rizadora profesional

    • Exquisite workmanship and high quality make this hair curling iron can be used long time

    Yigao Peluquería Herramienta Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Irons Calefacción

    • This hair curling iron is easy to use and can make your hairstyle perfectly

    Tamaño en detalle:


    Heat Carrier Diameter



















    • Estas dimensiones son sólo de referencia

    How Does a Curling Iron Work?

    Rizador de pelo

    • For those women who want to make the transition from straight or wavy hair to curly hair, curling irons are nothing short of miraculous. Curling irons allow the process to be done quickly and easily, without the need for uncomfortable hair rollers
    • Curling irons need a source of electricity and come with a plug for an electrical outlet. They have an on/off switch, preset temperature settings and the metallic heating element that actually does the work of curling the hair. Warmer temperatures allow less manageable hair to be curled more easily
    • When the curling iron is set to a temperature and turned on, the device transmits electricity through the heating element. The metal that makes up the part of the curling iron that actually gets hot is simply a poor conductor of electricity, which means that instead of the electricity passing through it, it creates heat. To prevent the metal from getting too hot due to an excess of electricity, curling irons have a built in thermal switch that stops the flow of electricity when the metal gets to the preset temperature
    • The thermal switch is created in such a way so that when it gets hot it expands, and when it expands to a certain size, it stops the flow of electricity. As it cools, it becomes smaller again, allowing the flow of electricity to start the circuit once again. This cycle continues until the power switch is turned off or the preset temperature is changed
    • Curling irons can curl hair because hair is essentially a long string of protein, acting like wood fiber. If you heat wood, it becomes malleable and you can form it and shape it. The process of heating the hair and curling it around the curling iron makes it keep that form until it is wetted, when it once again takes its natural shape. The temperature range that actually curls hair is fairly small, so all curling irons operate with close to the same amounts of electricity

    About Curling Irons

     Mejor rizador

    • Curling irons have been used for all of recorded history, to shape and curl hair, beards, bangs and wigs. Early irons were somewhat dangerous and fluctuating temperatures made it difficult to manipulate hair the same each time. The electric curling iron brought ease and convenience to hair curling and shortened the setting time dramatically. Modern appliances can be used on any hair type, to create a range of styles from tight ringlets to loose waves, for smooth control or added bounce and volume


    • A curling iron is an electrical cylindrical device with an attached hinged clamp that uses heat to form hair into curls. Dry hair is usually clamped at the end, then wrapped around the heated metal or ceramic rod and held in place until the hair molds to the proper shape. Smaller size curling iron barrels create tighter curls, while large diameter barrels create loose curls or waves. Curling irons can be used to create curly styles out of naturally straight hair, or to change the shape of naturally curly or wavy hair. Modern curling irons also use ions and infrared heat to reduce frizz and give hair a smoother appearance


    • Curling iron manufacturers offer a wide array of choices in size, color, style and technology. Common barrel sizes are 3/4 inch, 1 inch, and 1 ½ inch to create different size curls. Different barrel shapes create traditional curls, angular shapes or ringlets. Use double or triple barrel irons for wavy styles or combination waves and curls. Combination models are fitted with brushes, detanglers or hair drying elements to give users multiple styling tools with one device
    • Like blow dryer coils, curling irons can be made of metal, ceramic or tourmaline. Ceramic distributes heat faster and more evenly, lessening damage to hair. Crushed tourmaline added to the heating surface emits more negative ions, which both manufacturers and users claim causes less static and frizz, leaving hair smoother and shinier than conventional irons. Look for models that use infrared heat to penetrate the hair shaft core, allowing for total manipulation of each hair strand and better style results
    • Curling irons can be as simple as small travel irons with one or two settings, and as complex as digital models that offer 30 or more individual heat settings, automatic shut-offs and temperature memory. Less expensive models are made with coatings that wear easily, while higher-priced retail and professional series curling irons have several layers of hard baked ceramic that prove more durable and long-wearing


    • Use a curling iron to create curls, waves or add volume. Small barrel curling irons will create perfect curls for short hair, or layers of narrow ringlets for long hair. Try a mid-range or large barrel curling iron to create all over waves, or sexy loose curls at the ends of long tresses. Clamp hair at the root, twist and roll to smooth the crown--hold it to heat and add height
    • Try a ceramic or tourmaline curling iron for quick curl touch-ps, to reduce frizz and add shine. Roll the curling iron towards the nape for inward curls that frame the face. Use a large barrel iron to smooth hair and then slowly twist at the end for flip styles


    • For fine hair, look for irons with lower temperature settings to avoid burning and damaged ends. Ceramic and tourmaline styles help eliminate static and fly-aways. Choose irons with a smoother surface to avoid snagging and breaking hair
    • Los usuarios con el cabello grueso,-frizz propensos deben darse para planchas de mayor temperatura.Busque modelos con botones de hornos que dan un aumento extra de calor para fijar los rizos.De iones negativos e infrarrojo plancha de calor a sellar la humedad, reducir el frizz y agregar brillo
    • Leer una cabeza llena de cabello largo y espeso puede tomar una cantidad de tiempo considerable, por lo que la búsqueda de los hierros que calientan en un minuto y que tienen altas temperaturas suficientes para fijar el rizo de inmediato


    • Uso rizador se puede rastrear todo el camino de vuelta a los antiguos babilonios y egipcios y nobles en la Grecia clásica.Las primeras planchas eran simples pinzas de metal calentado sobre una llama abierta, lo que hace difícil el control de temperatura y sin duda conduce a muchos accidentes singeing.Cientos de años después, tenacillas de rizar permanecieron casi de la misma, que se calienta en la madera caliente o estufas de carbón
    • The actual inventor of the modern curling iron remains something of a mystery. Hiram Maxim, inventor of the Maxim machine gun and hundreds of other patents, filed a patent for a improved curling iron in 1866. Most sources agree that around 1870, Maurice Lentheric and Marcel Grateau used hot air drying and a set of curling tongs to create Marcel waves. These tongs could be used to curl or straighten hair. Sets of irons from this era came with stands and were meant to be heated over an oil flame
    • En 1959, la compañía francesa BaByliss (ahora propiedad de Conair) inventó y produjo el primer rizador eléctrico.Desde entonces, el hierro ha sido continuamente mejorado y modificado, con cada avance que proporciona un calentamiento más uniforme, menos daño del cabello y rizos de mayor duración


    • Electric curling irons should never be dropped in water, or used while standing in or coming into contact with tub or sink water. Follow all manufacturer's instructions to avoid burning and damaging hair. Keep iron away from face, hands and scalp to avoid burns. Keep heated portion of iron from coming in contact with any surface to prevent burning or discoloration. Look for models with heat resistant covers that can be placed on the iron immediately after shutting off
    • Irons with a rough contact surface can damage and break hair. Watch for wear of protective coating, as exposed metal underneath can heat hair excessively and cause damage. Replace iron immediately when this wearing occurs 

    El paquete incluye:

    • 1 x rizador

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  • Otros Pensamientos: Mi novia como este rizador de pelo tanto!ella dijo que el blanco es su color favorito!

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  • Otros Pensamientos: this Hair Curling Iron is really good with the color and wonderful performance!

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  • Otros Pensamientos: Such a beautiful hair iron it is! I like its lines, so perfect to make curly and soft waves!

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00:00:00 12-05-2011 Mejor En general:  
  • Otros Pensamientos: I bought the best hair iron for my mom who is after fashion, she likes this kind of curling irons for hair! and she told me the color is suitable for her!

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  • Otros Pensamientos: I have never owned anything perfect, until this autumn. Like the Professional Curling Irons

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  • Otros Pensamientos: The Best Curling Iron is fantastic and makes for a great gift that you would be proud to give and would be happily received it.

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  • Otros Pensamientos: This Hair Curling Iron exceeds my expectations, the idle size, design & features. I feel great with it.

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  • Otros Pensamientos: This Hair Curling Iron, is good workmanship and high quality! I like this Hair Curling Iron!

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